Birthday, Bubbles Bash

This is our 30th Birthday, and annual Bubbles bash! Wednesday November 9th 6 pm-8 pm $30 per person: $45 per couple (any 2 paid at the same time) in advance. Add $5.00 at door. We have almost all of our vendors participating! Call to reserve your spaces today! 843.763.5597  Read More

Wine and the Founders

As we get closer to our nation’s birthday on July 4th, I thought I would post some wine facts about some of our early statesmen. It seems like the Founder’s had quite a taste for wine and celebration! Thomas Jefferson was known as a connoisseur of fine wines, especially fine Bordeaux and Madeira, but few know how committed he was to his wine! In 1801, his salary was $25,000 – certainly a great sum for the day! He did, however, make sure that he was well stocked... Read More

Artisan Cheeses

The art of cheese making dates back thousands of years and today’s artisans combine that heritage with modern methods and styles to deliver tastes certain to delight any palate!  Read More